When it comes to finding a bridesmaids gift, you can either go big or keep it simple. I prefer something small yet meaningful, but we're all different. Some brides create a box with tons of cool nick-nacks that might never end up being used, where others gift a bottle of wine, and it's the best thing ever while getting ready! I thought I would share an Etsy shop that I absolutely love. You can't go wrong with anything from them, and their customer service is ah-mazing! Now, on to the bridesmaids' gift ideas.

Customized Drinkware

Be it a champagne flute, a coffee mug, a tumbler. Whatever it may be, as long as it's customized with their name! You can find tons of different options on Etsy, or you can make it yourself if you have the Cricut. It's very easy to make and there's tons of YouTube tutorials if you're looking for a budget friendly gift.

Cosmetic Bag

I'm a big fan of cosmetic bags, and I've never met anyone who isn't! Again, if it can be personalized, it will make it that much better. I also made some of these myself for a bachelorette party and it's the perfect size for traveling. These are also simple to make if you have the Cricut. But if you don't, these are a great alternative!

Compact Mirror

Who doesn't love a compact mirror you can carry in your purse?  Or even better, in a previously mentioned cosmetic bag! Plus, the diamond effect screams "Diamonds are a girls best friend!"

Matching Robe

This is my favorite trend, and I may be biased, but they photograph beautifully! Picture this, you and your girls on your wedding day, hair and makeup are done, bridesmaids in matching robes, you in the middle of a white bed surrounded by your gals, drinks and confetti! 

Bridesmaids Gifts from ModParty gift box.

Bridesmaids Gift Box

Bring it all together! This could be a great way of proposing to your bridesmaids or on the day of to thank them for being there for you. These are customizable and you can pick and choose what it is you want to include. A personal note always gives it a special touch, but the fact that you thought of them is more than enough.

There are so many options when it comes to a bridesmaids gift, but these are just a few of my faves from my favorite Etsy shop, ModParty. All links and pictures lead to their shop and all images belong to them, too. 🙂


Bridesmaids Gifts from ModParty | Tucson Wedding Photographer

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