i'm Ruby.

Most days, you can find me with my hair somewhat styled, but when you see my hair clipped back (or a bun), it means I'm getting stuff done! I used to drive my kids to school, soccer, gymnastics, swim class, etc. Now, with COVID-19, I am officially a class supervisor from home. I'm fortunate to have my best friend and biggest supporter be the same person, my husband. He reminds me to eat and drink water when I'm editing and working late. Speaking of food, eating out and meeting up with friends is one of the things I love doing most! I don't consider myself an outdoorsy type of girl, but I have a love for plants and nature and breathing in the fresh scent of a river streaming by. I enjoy watching sports, but March Madness is by far my favorite season. Just how you can find me cheering on my favorite team (Beardown!), you can count on me to be cheering for you!

Hey there!

Do a photoshoot at the Grand Canyon. 

Learn to make homemade pizza.

See the northern lights with my husband.

Go on a cruise to Alaska.
Ideally a Disney Cruise.

Watch the sunrise at Haleakala in Hawaii.

Take our kids to Disneyworld in 2021.

On my bucket  list...

1. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be:

Mexican Tacos

The RS Pop-Quiz

2. the Best title I have is:

a. Wedding Photographer
b. Mompreneur
c. Educator
d. Course Junkie
e. Other

3. Most likely to binge watch:

a. Prodigal Son
b. Bridgerton
c. Gossip Girl
d. Greys Anatomy

All of the above!

4. My drink of choice is:

a. Coors Light
b. Appletini
c. Old Fashioned
d. Red Sangria

5. The one thing you like to splurge on is:

Skincare... and makeup. 

6. on my days off, the first thing i like to do is:

Take a long shower.

7. My go-to outfit is:

a. Workout clothes
b. A dress & heels
c. Jeans & a cute top
d. Yoga pants & a sweater
e. Whatever I find clean

8. i'm terrified of

a. Spiders
b. Public Speakings
c. Flying
d. Feeling scared

9. My family & friends would describe me as:

a. Loyal
b. Funny
c. Life of the party
d. Shy and quiet

10. If i won the lottery, my choice of charity would be:

Animal shelters!  In a heartbeat.






Soon to be 4 years old.
Queen of the house.
Favorite color is pink.
Demanding is her middle name.


6 years old.
Reads at a 2nd Grade level.
Math genius.
Hates food.


It was love at first coffee.
College sports fan.
My forever wedding date.
My biggest supporter.




the ones my heart skips a beat for. the ones that changed my life. the ones i couldn't live this life without!

Want a dull and forgettable photographer?
I didn't think so!

more details, please

Ruby is a Tucson wedding photographer specializing in candid wedding photography, and natural-looking posed wedding photography. As an Arizona wedding photographer, she is very familiar with Tucson wedding venues and Phoenix wedding venues.



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