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newly engaged couple in the tucson desert by gates pass

Desert Engagement Photos | Ileana and Carlo


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Today’s desert engagement photos are about two Tucson natives falling in love. They went to high school together and would see each other across the halls, but it wasn’t until their friends introduced them that they immediately fell in love. Ileana mentioned she was very intrigued by Carlo’s confidence and how he carried himself. Likewise, Carlo was attracted to how Ileana portrayed herself and her overall outgoing personality.

Six inseparable years later, Ileana was planning her 28th birthday celebration. Little did she know it was going to be the best birthday yet! Surrounded by family and friends, Carlo pulled Ileana aside, and one by one, their parents and best friends gave her a rose. At that moment, Ileana knew something incredible was about to happen. Suddenly, their dog Bailey made a special appearance with an even more special gift. With a little box around her neck, Bailey sat next to Carlo, and he got down on one knee to ask Ileana to marry him.

“It felt so special to me because of our family being there with us,

and most importantly, our dog was included in it.” – Ileana

I cannot wait to show you Ileana and Carlo’s desert engagement photos in Tucson, AZ. And as you will quickly see, Bailey got to make yet another appearance!

downtown and desert engagement photos with dog
desert photos for engagement
desert engagement photos with dog

I cannot wait to celebrate along side Ileana and Carlo! They’ll be tying the knot this fall at The Westin at La Paloma and you better believe it’s going to be a party! Carlo mentioned he will be a bit more relaxed on their big day because there will be shots everywhere, and while they drink the shots, this Arizona wedding photographer will be capturing the shot!

Are you recently engaged and on the hunt for a wedding photographer? Let’s chat and talk about what you’re envisioning!

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