Honey Bee Canyon | Mariscal Family | Ruby Sandoval Photography
Honey Bee Canyon Park | Mariscal Family 1

Honey Bee Canyon Park | Mariscal Family

Oh the Mariscal Family. They hold such a special place in my heart! Denisse and I have been long time friends, but we’ve known each other for many years. One of her sisters and I have been besties since kindergarten and 3 out of the 4 sisters were my bridesmaids. So yeah. That entire family is pretty much my family as well.

Before we arrived to Honey Bee Canyon Park, we had been texting back and forth since the weather decided to take a turn for the worse. Literally, 90 degrees one day and 70 degrees with dark clouds and wind the next. Luckily for us, the sky and weather were beautiful by the time of the session!

Honey Bee Canyon Park_0009
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0010
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0014
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0011
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0015
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0013
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0018
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0012
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0017
Honey Bee Canyon Park_0016

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Makeup was done by the amazing MyVanety.

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xoxo, Ruby

Thanks for hanging out with me!

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