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A few weeks ago, I came across an Instagram story announcing a workshop. It was from a photographer I admire, in my state, and somewhat within my budget (a few Starbucks trips had to be sacrificed). The one and only Ryann Lindsey. If you are not familiar with her work, I truly recommend visiting her website and following her on Instagram when you get a chance.

Now, back to the workshop! When I least expected I found myself driving up to Scottsdale with not so great thoughts in my head. What if I'm not as good as them? What if my gear isn't good enough? What if my pictures don't reach my own expectations? etc. etc. If you're like me and let all of this negativity in your head, STOP! You are good enough. You're just too hard on yourself and I'm here to tell you that you are going to rock it!

When I showed up to the location, Starfire Golf Club, I met some of the girls and everyone was so sweet and had their own story as to why they were there. We all had different stories yet had so much in common. Meeting Ryann was surreal. She had so much to say, so much to share and she is just an overall beautiful person. She had a cute pink box for every one of us with our name handwritten on top, filled with her favorites snacks, a notepad, and a pen! My favorite thing was the notepad, and here is why. Even though I had my notebook, I decided to use the one in the box due to its size. It easily fits in my pocket, and I was able to take it with me throughout the whole shoot.

Although there are so many things I learned that day, there is one suggestion I have for anyone attending a workshop. TAKE NOTES. I know it's so tempting to be photographing everything you see, but you can miss out on so much by doing so. Ryann is such an amazing instructor and even gave us a bit of a shooting course, but had I not been taking notes I would not remember any of her tips. I'm not saying "don't take any pictures!" But when you see or hear something you don't want to forget, put your camera aside and write it down. Trust me. You will not regret it! Also, ask questions! I know it can be a bit intimidating, but remember when professors would say "the only dumb question is a question not asked"? Or something like that... it's true! Don't be afraid to ask questions relevant to the workshop. That's why you are there. To learn!

A big shout out to all of the vendors who participated in this workshop, the models, and of course Ryann Lindsey for making it all happen!

Starfire Golf Club Wedding
Food from Starfire Golf Club Wedding

Incredible Vendors

Workshop Host/Lead Photographer/Styling | @ryannlindsey
Styling/Coordination | @kdpeventsaz
Venue/Arch | @starfireweddings @starfiregolfclub
Floral | @formfloral
Wedding Gown | @schaffersbridalaz @lazarobridal
Bridesmaids Gowns | @bellabridesmaids @jillian.and.laura @misshayleypaige @jennyyoonyc
Hair + Makeup | @blondesandbrides
Cake |
Chairs | @theventcoaz



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