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The Mendoza's are the pure definition of awesomeness! Not only did we get to catch up, but we finally got to update their family photos. They had never been to Sweetwater Wetlands Park before, so it made it extra special. They were racing, chasing some ducks, and throwing some rocks. Not at the ducks, though! No animals were harmed, pinky promise!

Also, please take a moment to appreciate these outfits! Adriana saw and followed the style guide and knocked it out of the park! You read that right. All of my families receive a style guide to make life easier when deciding who should wear what. 

Now… back to the photos! (if you read that in a Crime Junkie tone, you and I are officially best friends!)

Ruby Sandoval - Tucson Arizona Family Photographer - Mendoza Family

Although I do take some posed family portraits, my main goal is to make it fun and exciting. At the same time, I capture those in-between moments that showcase their joy and love. AKA candid shots. I find that candid shots end up being the favorites most of the time. Also, they represent you! Your genuine, joyful, and happy self!

Ruby Sandoval - Tucson Arizona Family Photographer - Mendoza Family20_Ruby-Sandoval-Photography

Getting some pics of mom and dad alone is definitely a must! These two made it seem like it was an engagement session. They wouldn't stop laughing and look at the result! You can tell they're so in love and the best of friends. They are my definition of couple's goals!

Ruby Sandoval - Tucson Arizona Family Photographer - Mendoza Family14_Ruby-Sandoval-Photography

Now is the PERFECT time to book your family session before it gets too hot! Think it might be your turn?
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