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Bride holding a blush bouquet of flowers in front of a pink wall.

A Blush Wedding at Tanque Verde Ranch | Kristi & Chris

I'm so excited to share Kristi and Chris's gorgeous Tanque Verde Ranch wedding day with you!

Let's backtrack a little bit. Kristi and Chris had known each other for almost 9 years before they started dating. Everyone surrounding them knew that they were meant for one another, but due to life and circumstances they never dated. Their connection was strong throughout those years and stayed close friends. During the 2020 shutdown, both of their lives came to a complete stop and they organically started spending all of their free time together. Kristi said it best, "Quarantine was the master teacher of what was important to us in our life when everything was temporarily taken away.

We realized we never wanted to be without each other ever again."

tanque verde ranch

After a long day of work for Kristi in her dance room (which is also the room where they met and became friends) Chris had their friends, both near and far, show up to surprise her and be part of the proposal. Some via zoom! Her sister, Kerri, took her down the hall to change, and when Kristi went back to her classroom it was lined up with people, flowers, candles, and Chris holding her dog in a tuxedo.

"It was absolutely perfect."

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I asked Chris what his favorite thing about her is and this was his response:

"My favorite thing about her is her love for God. In every situation, she puts God first, including our relationship,
which has always been a dream of mine. Her love for God comforts me and excites me. I have a partner and we have the same vision for life. Every day I fall more in love."

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I also asked Kristi what her favorite thing about him is, and she responded:

"Hand down the way he LOVES. He is so thoughtful in the way he loves people, whether it is his closest family member or a stranger he meets. He is constantly putting himself first. He is always thinking about everyone else and how he can minister to others. He is so giving of his time, energy, and resources all because he loves so deeply. It is so inspiring. He also loves me like I have NEVER experienced before. I truly did not know what I was missing until I fell in love with Chris. In turn, his love for me continues to draw me closer to God, which has been an amazing surprise and has me falling in love with him over and over again."

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I'm always curious to know what my couples are most excited about for their wedding day. Here's what they said!

"We are just so excited to be celebrating the joining of our lives together without closest friends and family who have been cheering us on for years! We keep finding out how everyone was hoping that we would be together! Everyone is SO EXCITED to see us get married, which brings even more joy!

We are also very excited for the moment when I walk down the aisle. Many answered prayers between us will come to fruition during that moment, but a number of the guests have been praying for us for years as well. That exact moment when the man who has been covering me in prayer for years walks me to my new husband is just overwhelming. It will definitely be an unreal, spiritual moment for both of us. Chris has been praying for me specifically for years as well.

Chris says he's nervous he is going to cry too much or pass out, haha! We are both getting very giddy as we talk about it right now!"

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This beautiful blush-toned wedding at The Barn at Tanque Verde Ranch was exactly that. A celebration of many answered prayers, the same prayer for most, finally coming to life at God's perfect time.

"A man who will lead you to God and not sin is always worth the wait."

Kristi and Chris, I hope all of the love and joy you felt on this special day continues to flourish each and every day. I hope that you continue to love God and pray for one another. I hope that you continue to be selfless, genuine, patient, and understanding. Like Richard said, "there will be hard times." Believe me; there will. But there will never be bad times. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the honor and privilege of documenting one of the most important days of your life. I felt truly blessed to be there, have nothing but love and affection for you and your entire family, and wish you the happiest first year of marriage and a lifetime of beautiful memories together.

This Tanque Verde Ranch wedding day was a dream to photograph from start to finish. I have to give a huge thank you to the incredible team lead by Hannah at The Barn at Tanque Verde Ranch and Posh Petals for the stunning floral design. It truly was the most beautiful representation of such a beautiful couple's love for each other, and I have so many favorites from that day, but here are just a few! I hope you love them as much as I do!

tanque verde ranch_0031
tanque verde ranch_0033
tanque verde ranch_0032
Pink Wedding at The Barn with Kristi and Chris
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tanque verde ranch_0042
tanque verde ranch_0035
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tanque verde ranch_0047
tanque verde ranch_0065
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tanque verde ranch_0041
tanque verde ranch_0037
tanque verde ranch_0043
tanque verde ranch_0049
tanque verde ranch_0038
tanque verde ranch_0046
tanque verde ranch_0036
tanque verde ranch_0052
tanque verde ranch_0048
tanque verde ranch_0055
tanque verde ranch_0061
tanque verde ranch_0056
Made by the Groom!
Made by the Groom!
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tanque verde ranch_0058
tanque verde ranch_0059
tanque verde ranch_0066
tanque verde ranch_0063
tanque verde ranch_0062
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