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I have a confession. Remember when podcasts were the talk of the town? Everyone started listening to them and talking about them? Yeah, well, I was not one of them. I recently got into podcast shows, and I have to admit that I am hooked! I understand what the buzz was all about! It's like binge-watching a Netflix show, but without the tv! Now, in no particular order, here are my top 4 favorite podcast shows.

Crime Junkie

I remember the first time I listened to an episode. I had just finished second shooting a wedding in Gilbert, AZ, and one of my Instagram friends recommended it. All jokes aside, I binged a handful of episodes non-stop. I felt scared, paranoid, and couldn't get enough! I still can't get enough.

Breakthrough Brand Podcast

I found out about Elizabeth McCravy through the Showit United app, and I'm so glad I did! I decided to have a website coaching session, and after some research, Elizabeth quickly caught my attention. Her website is gorgeous, her Instagram is so fun, and she also has a podcast. It literally feels like you're getting business advice while you're hanging out, drinking some coffee at Starbucks, sharing ideas, but with her doing all the talking (in a great way)!

Life with Amy & Jordan

Where to begin with these two love birds. I know them from their online photography courses, but they are so much more than that. They give the most phenomenal advice when it comes to relationships, handling money, starting the day off right, having children, fighting rules, the list goes on! And yes, they actually have an episode called "Five Rules for Fighting." But if there is 1 episode you MUST listen to, it is episode 003: How to Avoid "Surprise" Spending. It is a moneymaker! Like, for real!

Monica and Jess Love Boys

You might be familiar with Dax Shepard. He was on Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher. He interviews a lot of celebrities and professionals, but recently they started a new series called "Monica and Jess love boys," and I love it! Basically, they're two friends who both love boys and are longing for a relationship. One of them dates too much, the other barely even dates. They have weekly challenges and also have relationship experts on the show to give them advice! It's something very different and most certainly entertaining.

These are my go to-shows when I'm driving around or editing some pictures. There are a few other podcast shows that I enjoy, but currently these are my top of the top faves! What are some of your favorites? Let me know!



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