Let's talk about plant essentials. A lot of you have been asking about what products I use to take care of my plants. I never in a million years thought that was something people would ask, but I love it! In order to make our lives a bit easier, I decided to write a post about it. Originally, the link found on my Instagram account was just an Amazon "idea list", but because I value honesty (and it's the law) I want to disclaim that the following links are amazon affiliate and I will receive a tiny portion from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil

Eventually, you're gonna have to change up the soil. You might accidentally tip It over, your dog might get into it, or it might be time for a bigger pot. I used to use a very common soil you can find everywhere, but my plants were just not happy. I decided to give this one a try and they love it! Not only is it natural and organic, but it also has fertilizer. Now I don't have to remember to fertilize during the spring or even worse I won't over-fertilize!

Mosquito Bits

There's nothing I hate more (plant-related) than fungus gnats (or fruit flies as I often call them) flying around in my face or into my nose. I nearly got rid of my plants because the number of gnats inside my home was just ridiculous. Not to mention, my daughter is scared of "bees" and it was constant crying sessions with her. Anyway, I did some research and came across this miraculous product. There are different ways to use it, but my favorite is to mix it in the soil when I'm repotting. If you're not planning on repotting yet, you can add some bits to the top of the soil and simply remove the fuzzies when they start to appear. Definitely a top plant essentials!

Sticky Gnat Trap

It's pretty self-explanatory. The little fungus gnats are flying around, they land on the sticky butterfly and get stuck. Honestly, I like seeing how at first they would fill up, and every week there are less and less little gnats. Combine these with the Mosquito Bits and you'll be on the road to gnat free success!

Plant Tray/Saucer

The reason I like these saucers is that they are sturdy and easy to clean. I hate the flimsy plastic ones that drip all over the place. I've had these for over a year now and they're as good as new. These can be used for a few different things. If your pot has drainage holes you simply place a tray under it and your furniture won't get wet or damaged. That easy. BUT! I use them as humidity trays. What's a humidity tray you ask? Keep reading.


Some plants like more humidity than others, and unless you plan on keeping a humidifier all day, this is your next option. All you have to do is add these pretty pebbles (any kind of stones will do, I just prefer them to look pretty) on the tray. Next, you are going to place your plant ON TOP of the pebbles. The last step is to add some water to the tray, BUT!! Make sure that the planter is not touching the water. If it doesn't have drainage holes then you'll be fine, but if it does you want to make sure it's not touching the water or else it can develop root rot. So, as the water evaporates from the tray, it is going to create humidity around your plant and make it very happy.

There you have it! My five go-to plant essentials. Please let me know if you try any of these or if you have any tips to share!

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