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Photographed by Mandy Rena Photography.

You might not think of a travel agency when it comes to wedding vendors, but I think they're overlooked! A travel agency doesn't only do family vacations or luxurious vacations. They can also design your HONEYMOON and every vacation after that. 😉

I am SO excited to introduce you to, Alia from Briar & Main Travel Boutique!



Business Name:

Briar & Main Travel Boutique



Q: What kind of services do you provide for clients?

A: Briar & Main Travel Boutique. We are a full-service travel agency helping busy families and honeymooners plan seamless vacations.

*I would like to add that Alia has been planning our Disney World trip, and Alia has been so incredible! A Magical Experience! 😉 * - Ruby

Q: Is there a type of couple you love working with most?

A: We find that most of our clients are busy and/or overwhelmed families, couples planning a wedding, entrepreneurs, or business clients. I adore working with everyone, but especially love my Disney clients 🙂

Photographed by Mandy Rena Photography.
Photographed by Mandy Rena Photography.

Q: How did you get started as an entrepreneur? When did you realize you were passionate about travel planning?

A: I have always had a business of some sort! I also run a small luxury cake business (for the past 13 years), but I’ve always had a wanderlust spirit. I’ve loved traveling since I can remember. However, I fell into the travel business in 2015 when I was expecting my third and fourth child (yes, twins;)).

Traveling was a bit harder then (physically, haha), but I took that time to train and plan others vacations. I truly loved having a small part in helping others create memories. In 2019, I decided to launch my own agency. We now have 23 travel designers across the USA planning vacations for families and honeymooners. My focus now in the agency is being a support for our agents and managing the agency.

"...helping busy families and honeymooners plan seamless vacations."

Q: Is there a story behind your business name or logo?

A: Disney was our first travel passion when we started the business. Although we plan vacations worldwide, I wanted to have a nod to my love of the Mouse:) I grew up in Southern California, so Disneyland was my first Disney experience. ‘Briar’ is a nod to the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and ‘Main’ is a nod to Main Street USA 🙂

*OMG, how awesome is that?!* - Ruby

Photographed by Mandy Rena Photography.
Photographed by Mandy Rena Photography.

Q: Do you have a team? If so, introduce them - including yourself! If not, share a little bit about you and your favorite things!

A: We do! We have a team of 22 travel designers from The west coast to the east coast! Each have their own bios on our website. They all are so unique and bring their unique talents to travel planning. I could fill pages of all the great things about them!

Photographed by Mandy Rena Photography.
Photographed by Mandy Rena Photography.

A: My favorite vacation I’ve worked on was a Disney/Universal Honeymoon for the sweetest couple. They had a blast, and I really got to spoil them.

Q: Where do you see your business in 5 years? What are you most excited about for the future of your business?

A: I see us continuing to expand and helping more travelers navigate the new travel norms and create amazing memories. I’m most excited about our team and seeing them flourish! 


A: It’s not easy! Many people think we travel for free and often, but that’s unfortunately not the case. Most days, we are in the office researching trips, on hold for hours at times for clients making sure everything is just right for their trip and in meetings. But it’s still such a fun job and very rewarding when you hear from clients how much you have helped them.

Q: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

A: Oh boy, that’s tough because I love food! Probably ice cream!


Did you enjoy this interview with the incredible Alia? I'm prettier sure she is the coolest (and most amazing) travel agency, ever!

You can click here to head straight to her website's contact page.

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xoxo, Ruby

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