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Tucson Florist | Element Design & Events

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Today we have an insanely talented creative partner! Dusty is the artist behind "Element Design & Events," and she is n event and wedding florist in Tucson, AZ! I first met Dusty at Showit United last year (2019), and I immediately fell in love with her work, and her personality was just bubbly and full of positive vibes.

As of recent, Dusty has been more showing more behind the scenes, and let me tell you. There is something so soothing about watching her rip off all of the leaves off a stem! Not exactly ripping, but I don't know the lingo.

If you are having an event or wedding and are looking for someone to bring your floral vision to life, meet Dusty!



Business Name:

Element Design & Events



Q: What kind of services do you provide for clients?

A: I provide flower & décor design for special events and also recently started flower classes!

Q: Is there a type of couple you love working with most?

A: For my wedding & event clients, I just want to add some beauty to their big day. I love clients that are willing to give me a couple of things that they especially want for their designs and letting me take their ideas and bring them to life! Trusting me to choose flowers, textures & design is so fun!

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Q: How did you get started as an entrepreneur? When did you realize you were passionate about floral design?

A: I’ve been in the flower biz, working in flower shops for the past 6 years, and I started my own business just last year, in October 2019! I started just being obsessed with flowers! Once I got a job at a flower shop, I really fell in love with working with flowers & the more I did, the more comfortable I got, then I really started to enjoy it. I think it is just as important that I find the other side of the business just as fun- that is, the prep, planning, talking to clients, and working with other vendors.

"I truly fall in love with every event that I can be a part of..."

Q: Is there a story behind your business name or logo?

A: Element was kind of a recurring word that came up in my mind when thinking of what I wanted to do in my business. I wanted to take elements of my client’s vision and bring them to life. I wanted to use different elements of design to make each design custom to my clients, etc. Exo Designs designed my logo just for me! I just had a simple idea of what I wanted. Then Andrea (Exo owner) made it 1000 times better!

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Q: Do you have a team? If so, introduce them - including yourself! If not, share a little bit about you and your favorite things!

A: One of my biggest dreams for my business is to have a team! That has always been my favorite part of past jobs or events. Until then, I have some super amazing family & friends who help me when I need it, and they take payment in margaritas!

A little about me- I am born & raised in Tucson. I took dance classes my whole life & taught dance for about 6 years! My parents would give me a flower bouquet after I had a big performance & that is how the obsession began! I lived in Phoenix, AZ, for a few years working with another amazing florist, Vickie Blair of Flower Works, who taught me so much & trusted me to manage her shop. I moved back to Tucson in August of 2019 and decided it was time to put everything I had learned to test and opened Element!

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A: I truly fall in love with every event that I can be a part of, so this is a hard question!! One of my favorites has been working with Flowers by Leah (from LA, CA) on an annual event for 2 years. Each year it is in a new location, and it is such a big & extravagant event. We get the opportunity to travel & work with a bunch of other amazing event professionals. I always learn so much and come back so inspired!

Q: Where do you see your business in 5 years? What are you most excited about for the future of your business?

A: As I mentioned earlier, my biggest goal is to have a team to work with. I love working with people who can thrive on working with one another, bounce ideas around, and have a well-functioning business to reach more and more clients! I am most excited just that, growing and continuing to bring more clients' visions to life!


A: I want people to know that Element doesn’t just give you pretty flowers; we provide a helpful service as well. Element is here to take off a little stress from your wedding or event day! I know what needs to happen on my end, so I deliver your bouquets in time for your first look photos, set up your arch flowers at a certain time, so the AZ heat doesn’t get to them. Let me take those things off your shoulders so you can enjoy your day as much as possible!

Q: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

A: Chips & salsa, no doubt about it.

Tucson Florist_0001

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