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Today we are featuring a Tucson Makeup Artist with a twist. What do I mean by twist? Not only is she an incredibly talented makeup artist, but she created a Bridal House Experience like no other! Seriously, there's food and drinks involved and even services to get you to the church on time!

I am so excited to introduce, Andrea Salazar from Haus of Dreams and Makeup by Drai!



Business Name:

Haus of Dreams

Makeup by Drai + Artists



Q: What is your business name, and what kind of services do you provide for clients?

A: Haus of Dreams | Makeup by Drai + Artists Arizona’s Premium Bridal Hair+Makeup Artists. We are Arizona’s all-inclusive Luxury Bridal House. Our Collections include Lodging, Transportation, Bridal Hair+Makeup Glam, and Food+Beverage. We also offer on-location Bridal Hair+Makeup services with options for mini Food+Beverage Collections to be ordered.

Q: Who does your business serve? Is there a type of client you love working with most?

A: We serve any and all Clients who are in need of Hair+Makeup services. We of course love working with any and all things that include Bridal Parties and establishing a loyal foundation with not only our Brides and their Bridal Party, but Bridal Vendors as well. Our greatest referral comes from existing clients, and most of our new bridal clients are referred from our past Brides or our Vendor Friends.  We also love partnering with amazing local Photographers. We love the relation/friendship we establish with photographers and of course getting to see our work come to life through the lens of the photographer. We also love networking with the beauty industry and receiving referrals from them, believe it or not, not all Stylists|Artists provide services for bridal clientele, it is not for everyone, so we of course will gladly take the client with arms wide open. We at Haus of Dreams welcome and love all clients!

The Gawnes Photography
The Gawnes Photography
Oh So Purdy Photography

Q: How did you get started as an entrepreneur? When did you realize you were passionate about makeup?

A: I was hired for my first wedding in the Fall of 2002, shortly after I began my journey professionally in Artistry. I instantly fell in love with Bridal Glam and felt so much joy and was honored to be the hired Artist. In 2013 I received my Aesthetics License to further my career and extend my service menu. One of my favorite parts of Bridal Glam as an Artist is, we are in the heart and center of the single most important day of a woman’s life. Artists+Stylists are there alongside her and the women who mean the most, celebrating her day. We see and feel all the love she is surrounded by and the best part is making her feel beautiful about herself, highlighting all her natural-born features. I knew it wouldn’t stop there.

"...we are in the heart and center of the single most important day of a woman’s life."

Q: Is there a story behind your business name or logo?

A: After taking some time off after having my 4th baby, I focused on my family and was very casually freelancing. After doing my first wedding since my return, I honestly had forgotten the chaos of a Wedding Day. I had an instant epiphany of what I wanted to do next. As an Artist, we see it all. We are very much a part of the ride. From split locations, forgotten items, breakfast and lunch picks up, natural stress, you name it, we have seen it. I rebranded and started to focus on my all-inclusive Bridal House, which I created this concept to create a stress-free experience for every Bride, including her Bridal Party, so they all could freely enjoy the day. I wanted to touch on a market and provide an elevated service that has never been done before—every element of the business concept needed to be unique and innovative and stand out on its own. Think of us as the pre-wedding day planner! Haus of Dreams was born, and I chose the name because A, we provide lodging, but I didn’t want house spelled traditionally, I wanted it to have a lux visual aesthetic to it, and dream has been my favorite word since I was a little girl, I reference and use it a lot as it has great meaning to my life, so I felt it was fitting for the rebirth of my business being that this was an extension to my established Pro Makeup Artistry business.

Sarah Elizabeth Photography
Sarah Elizabeth Photography
Melissa Fritzsche Photography

Q: Do you have a team? If so, introduce them - including yourself! If not, share a little bit about you and your favorite things!

A: Yes, we are a Team of talented Artists|Stylists. At first, that was not my intention; however, I knew I couldn’t be limited to just myself as a one-person show with the high demand of services requested and the rapid growth. I decided to build a Team of Aspiring and Senior Artists to service the greater Tucson area and beyond. There is such great talent in our city, and I know the struggles that come with being an aspiring Artist|Stylist and not knowing where to begin the journey, so I wanted to build a foundation for those who have a dream of being an Artist|Stylist but don’t know where to begin. My Team includes artists that range of different talents and years of experience. I did this because I know as my business grows, my Team will grow. I am proud and happy to introduce Haus of Dreams Glam Squad, beginning with myself:

Andrea Salazar: Owner+Master Makeup Artist| Licensed, est.2002
Cynthia Saucedo: Master Stylist, Licensed, est.2000
Gabriela Ortiz: Senior Artist|Lead Stylist, Licensed, est.2008
Star Romero: Senior Stylist, est.2004
Kayann Abbs: Senior Artist|Lead Stylist, est. 2014
Nicole Ferrero: Lead+Associate Artist, est. 2020
Jasmine Villa: Lead+Associate Artist, est.2020
Destiny Meza: Associate Artist, est. 2020
Arianna Arenas: Associate Artist, est.2021
Oh So Purdy Photography
Oh So Purdy Photography

A: Wow, that is definitely a challenging question because I have provided service for countless weddings and events. In all honesty, every wedding and event is my favorite because they are all unique and special in their own way, and I take so much pride in my work and the experience that we provide as a whole and every wedding still feels like the first one because it usually is the first one with each Bridal Party we service.

Q: Where do you see your business in 5 years? What are you most excited about for the future of your business?

A: In 5 years I see the business continuing with its success. I see multiple locations, possibly in other cities. I will definitely have the second phase of the business running which is the Groom’s House, the ultimate bachelor pad in extension to the Bridal House. I see a much larger Team of Artists|Stylists and I see us providing education courses, hosting classes on Bridal Hair|Makeup based on the years current trend. I am most excited to network with other local talent and vendors within the industry, and to provide a constant workflow for my Team, and to build such a stellar reputation that we are in such high demand that our services are booked out for 2+years.


A: That we are more than just Artists, we genuinely curate an unforgettable experience from start to finish. Whether it is service within the Bridal House Collections or on-location services provided. We take great pride in our work as a whole and we truly execute art and provide solid customer service.

Q: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

A: Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup

Doesn't Andrea's Haus of Dreams sound like an absolute dream?! I can already picture the fun memories so many bridal parties have created while getting glammed. Are you looking for a Tucson Makeup Artist for your big day?

You can click here to head straight to her website's contact page.

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