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Mini sessions collage 2020

Tucson Mini Sessions 2020

Tucson mini sessions have now come to an end! It is the week of Thanksgiving (2020), and I am SO THANKFUL to all of my families and couples for allowing me to capture them and their loved ones. This year has not been the easiest for anyone, and it means the world to me that you picked me! Now, without further ado, here are the second and last rounds of Tucson mini sessions for the year 2020.

Boatner Family

The Boatner Mini Session was one for the books. They showed up looking fab, and not only that, but they have such amazing energy! It was the perfect start for the mini sessions. At first, the kids complained that 20 minutes was way too long, but they couldn't believe that 20 minutes had already flown by the end of the session! That's the beauty of Tucson mini sessions. They're quick and painless. All while still receiving a variety of images.

Tucson Mini Session - Gordon Hirabayashi_0006

Hartman Dudes

Fun fact: I went to middle school with these dudes (the two taller ones), dad! It was incredible to see how much one looks like his father and the other acts like his father. Class clown at heart. This mini session was unique and special since it was a surprise for their dad, but one of the kids spilled the beans! I have to say it may have been my fault since I did ask them to say hi to their dad for me.

Tucson Mini Session - Gordon Hirabayashi_0007

Murrieta Family

How adorable are the sequence dresses, cowboy boots, and belt?! The Murrieta's were such a joy to work with. The kids did take some time to warm up to my camera and are the perfect example of why I offer different Tucson mini session packages. Fifteen minutes was not enough time for the kids, but don't worry! The way I organize the mini-sessions allows you to upgrade right in the session without affecting the following families.

Tucson Mini Session - Gordon Hirabayashi_0008

Arriola Family

I cannot find the words to describe this mini session. For starters, the dad was my husband's best man. Their older son and my son have been friends since the womb. The little one was throwing some peace signs every time he smiled. And if you ask me, the mom was dressed very royal-ish! I may be biased since we are all friends, but it was the perfect Tucson mini session from start to end.

Mini session in tucson

Liquidano Family

The perfect lighting! The great thing about booking your Tucson Mini Session ahead of everyone else is you get to pick your time first. Most of the time, the last 2 time-slots are the best ones. The lighting was perfect, their outfits were on point, and all I can say is they were the perfect family to end mini sessions for 2020.

gordon hirabayashi tucson mini session

If you don't want to miss out on next year's mini sessions, join the 2021 waitlist!! I don't send email super often (like, not even once a month). I only send emails when it's a special announcement 🙂

And if you're looking for a photographer to capture your family/wedding, let's chat!

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