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Tucson Mini Sessions

"it's the Most Wonderful Time... of the year!"

Although it's not Christmas yet, it IS time for some mini sessions! One of the many reasons I love mini sessions is they allow me to serve families who may not have the time or the budget for a full 1-hour session with me. Imagine getting a whole Ruby Sandoval Portrait Experience, but the mini size! It's like enjoying a tree-shaped Reese's Pieces.

Here's what each one includes.

The Mini's Collections for 2020


15 Minutes
5 Images
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20 Minutes
8 Images
Style Guide
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20 Minutes
12 Images
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This time around, EVERY collection will include a discount code for Minted.com. Your images will already be uploaded for you. All you have to do is select your favorite design, pick images, customize, and done! No more waiting to upload your pictures.

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To find out more about this year's mini sessions, make sure to sign up for the waitlist to be amongst the first to pick a time-slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Mini Session?

Great question! As a mother of two littles, ages 6 and 4, I know how children can struggle to focus for a full hour. So! With that in mind, a mini session is merely 15-25 minutes of fun games that will make it easier for them to enjoy and participate in the session. Not to mention, you don't have to stress for a full hour asking them to look at the camera. As a mom myself, I know how to get them to look at me, and sometimes kids listen better to someone they don't see very often!

It is also perfect for couples who don't want to book a full hour (or maybe your significant other doesn't) or for dog lovers who want to include their furry friends in pictures!

Why is this better than a full session?

Just like I previously mentioned, you don't have to worry about kids following directions for a full hour. Children get bored easily and quickly. Therefore, 15-25 minutes will make it easier for them to focus and participate. Also! A lot of couples and families don't have time for a full hour session. Between working, cooking dinner, cleaning up, kids weekend activities, add getting ready for a 1-hour session, some families don't have time for that! One of the things I love about mini sessions is what comes after. Since everyone is all dolled up, I always recommend making it a date night, family dinner night, or bribing the younger kids with ice cream or pizza after the session.

Can I bring my dogs?

Yes, please do! I recommend bringing a friend or a family member to help out with the pups while I snap a few pictures without the dog. Also, if you have a very obedient dog, 15 minutes can do the trick. If you have a happy go lucky, I recommend going for the 25-minute session.

Are these available year-round?

No! I only offer them in the fall. They are very limited! This year I will be offering ONE date in early November. That means there will only be eight time-slots available altogether. If you want to get first dibs on these mini’s, I highly recommend signing up for my newsletter as they get notified of EVERYTHING first!

Will it be Christmas themed?

No, but that doesn't mean you and your family can't dress up all Christmasy! I call them Holiday/Christmas Mini Sessions because they're great for using on Christmas cards! Call me old school, but I LOVE receiving Holiday Cards. So pretty please, with a cherry on top, if you make family Christmas cards, send one my way!

What if the weather sucks?

When you book a mini session, there is already a backup date scheduled. If there were to be a storm or rain, I would notify you by 2 pm if you have an afternoon session or the night before by 8 pm if you have a morning session. The backup date is NOT going to be available if you could not make it or ran late.

How can I book a Family Mini Session?

My newsletter members get first dibs on all things RSP. I also release a waitlist, and they get very first dibs to everything Mini Session related. If you don't want to miss out, I highly recommend joining the waitlist (click here).

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